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7 Reasons Chelmsford Is London’s Best Commuter Base

Your ChelmsfordHere’s Why the Sunday Times Got it Absolutely Right

Chelmsfordians know that their home city is the best place to live. And their ranks are growing with every passing week.

When the Sunday Times published its Best Places to Live guide earlier this year, it told us what many Essex residents already know. Chelmsford swept aside competition from towns and cities such as Chesterton, a few miles from Cambridge, and Norwich, to be awarded the title of Best Place to Live in the South East. So what is it that people love about Chelmsford? Here are some answers, straight from the lips of local residents.

A great choice of property

Speak to any mortgage broker in Chelmsford and they will tell you that people are taking the news of Chelmsford’s desirability seriously. The great thing is, there is such a wide choice of new developments, such as the incredible Beulieu Park, as well as a choice of more established properties in and around the city. In other words, there is something to suit every taste and budget.

A remarkable history

The original town around the Moulsham area can trace its history right back to Roman days, while in more recent years, Chelmsford has made its mark through been a centre of innovation. Of course, it is most closely associated with Marconi, and the town signs remind visitors that this is the “birthplace of radio.” But it’s also worth remembering that Britvic started as a small chemist’s shop on Tindal Street that sold flavoured water.

Embracing change

Chelmsford is proud of its history, but is not stuck in it. Since being awarded city status, there has been constant growth and investment from both the private and public sectors. The area around the river and the new Bond Street development make Chelmsford a place where people want to spend their time.

Great rail links

London is only half an hour away, and there are four trains an hour. What can Chesterton and Norwich say to that? The commuter links will get even better when the new Beaulieu Station opens. That is currently scheduled for 2025, but could be sooner.

Outstanding schools

These days, the desirability of a town or city is often directly proportional to its Ofsted ratings. This is an area in which Chelmsford does not disappoint. Parents have a choice of both primary and secondary schools in and around the city with “outstanding” classifications.

Great nightlife

Some towns and cities that are in such easy commuting distance of London become bedroom communities, but this is not the case in Chelmsford. There’s a choice of nightspots to spend your evening, whether it is catching a movie at the Odeon, exploring the dizzying choice of restaurants, busting some moves at Evoke nightclub or simply enjoying a pint or two with friends at one of the town’s many traditional pubs.

Beautiful countryside

People who only know Chelmsford as being in easy reach of London and in the heart of TOWIE country are always amazed by the beautiful countryside. But to residents, this is one of its biggest attractions. Central Park and Admirals Park provide peace and tranquillity, while being located in the heart of the city.


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