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Bar Melba – Chelmsford’s New Gay Bar

Bar Melba Chelmsford logoEvery city should have a gay bar, and Chelmsford’s is Bar Melba, which will be on the High Street close to Shire Hall.

In April 2015, Chelmsford’s former gay bar, “Smiths” on Moulsham Street, closed down. A local resident has decided to take it upon himself to see a new gay bar set up in the centre of town.

The man behind Chelmsford’s new gay bar, who is reportedly from Great Baddow, does not wish to be named at the moment – the bar is still awaiting full planning acceptance. However, he spoke to The Chronicle and said: “Smiths was a legendary venue and to lose something like that is a shame. But there is now an opportunity to pick up the pieces and show what Chelmsford’s gay scene has to offer.”

You can keep track of developments and find out when the new bar will be opening by following Bar Melba on Facebook and Twitter:




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