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Eye Witness Cameras

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Specialist Cameras For Road Users And Surveillance

Protect yourself from ‘crash for cash’ scams with an eyewitness camera which will continuously record your journey and prove your innocence in an accident.

Eyewitness Cameras stock a wide range of continuously recording cameras that aim to provide irrefutable evidence for your insurance company in the event of an accident and claims procedure. The business is based in Beehive Lane, Great Baddow and offers car, bicycle and helmet cameras which deliver protection against the increasing rise of fraudulent ‘crash for cash’ scams.

How Do Eyewitness Cameras Work?

Eyewitness cameras are small HD video cameras that attach to the front of your helmet, windscreen or handle bars depending on your vehicle of choice. Your journey is continuously recorded as you drive or ride along and the footage is stored to files which are held on a removable SD memory card. If you do become involved in an accident then the video evidence can be presented to your insurance company to prove your innocence and protect your no-claims bonus in order to save you money.

Our Range Of Technical Products

Although the concept of protecting yourself through recorded evidence is the same for all of our eye witness cameras, we do stock a variety of different models which are appropriate for various vehicles or situations.

In-Car Cameras

We sell a wide range of cameras to suit all budgets which can be fitted within the interior of your vehicle. One of our most popular models is the wide-angle lens dash-cam which is attached to your dashboard and comes with sound recording and video function. Features such as HD recording, parking protection and GPS mapping are also available.

Fleet and Taxi Solutions

Many taxi firms require that their drivers have in-car cameras to satisfy their regulations. Our products include multi-camera systems that have forward-facing lenses to capture the drive, as well as those angled to record events within the car. This offers drivers extra security and peace of mind.

Bike Cameras

Our range of bike cameras are extremely versatile and can assist you whether you ride your bike for sporting or general everyday purposes. There are also models which are better suited to motorbike or scooter usage. Our cameras are suitable in all weathers which make them perfect for the British climate. Extra features on some of our advanced models include Wi-Fi for watching footage later on your computer, stamps for date, time and speed, as well as GPS mapping.

Spy Cameras

These discreet and professionally built cameras give you added security and peace of mind in your workplace or at home. The devices are integrated inside small items such as key fobs, clocks or plugs to provide covert surveillance of your property and belongings. They might also be used to monitor the activities of a spouse, babysitter or care-home workers.

Eyewitness cameras are a necessity for providing personal and commercial protection. You might also save money on your insurance by installing a surveillance camera – some companies now offer a discounted premium of up to 15% if you have a car camera fitted for example.

All cameras purchased from Eyewitness Cameras come with standard after care support as well as a minimum one year warranty.




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