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OConnorsO’Connors is Chelmsford’s Irish pub. A friendly and traditional pub with a long bar and a rear courtyard. Great lunchtime food and quality beers are served. Open late at the weekend.

The pub has a monthly acoustic music night and always has a St. Patricks Day party.

The Prince of Orange

Prince of Orange reuninion party

Prince of Orange reuninion party

It was formally the Prince of Orange, a pub very popular with bikers, punks, hippies and rockers or all ages.

This was for a while the most cultural, friendly and fun pub in town. There is an annual Prince of Orange reunion where old regulars return and the pub turns back time to 1980s.

They used to have beer festivals with live folk bands playing. I have fond memories of attending my first beer festival there and enjoying a little too much Exmoor Gold before heading to college the next day.

They also had a duke box and the only Eric Clapton song that played was Layla.

See Crispin Coulson’s website,, for more on the old pub.

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