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CCTV Fitters in Chelmsford

CCTV cameraCCTV is a very effective method of deterring burglars from trying to break into your property; none other than ex-burglars themselves often rate it as amongst the best in home security methods. Advances in technology is making CCTV more effective, affordable and versatile – and it can help not just in deterring burglars but in acting as an access control method.

Therefore, it’s somewhat surprising that so few home owners install CCTV; according to a survey undertaken by Co-op Insurance only 14% have done so.

Using CCTV

There are various ways of putting CCTV to use, and the type of set up you have will be influenced by the layout of your property and how flexible you wish your CCTV to be.

The first step is to use the services of a local CCTV Chelmsford professional; they can come and take a look at your property layout, suggest options for you and install the appropriate equipment.

An ideal deterrent

CCTV is a key burglar deterrent because it vastly reduces the chances of a burglar escaping without being detected, and some systems can be accessed remotely on a smartphone or tablet so meaning footage can be viewed many miles away.

Burglars are mostly aware of this new technology and would prefer to steer clear of a property suitably equipped, so just the sight of a security camera or a warning sticker stating that the property is CCTV protected could be enough to stop them in their tracks.

Of course, if someone does break in then your CCTV will be recording valuable evidence with the footage of them on your premises clearly showing a theft in progress.

Using CCTV together with other known effective deterrents such as intruder alarms and security lighting provides a very effective security set up.

Protecting vehicles

In the above mentioned Co-op survey, CCTV is also at number one in deterring vehicle thieves so your CCTV system can protect your property and vehicles.

Access and notification facility

Your CCTV system could also act as a form of access control; not in terms of a full blown facility of course but at least notifying you who is at the door.

For example, if you’re working indoors and someone rings the doorbell it’s possible – depending on your set up – to see who is at the door before halting what you’re doing and heading off to open up. If it’s a welcome visitor then no problem, but it can be annoying to have your work interrupted by a canvasser or similar – a camera near the from door can help minimise interruption.

Choose an experienced CCTV professional

Having a modern CCTV system installed that suits your property layout and personal requirements is a very worthwhile investment in home security, so ensure you use the services of an experienced professional serving the Chelmsford area.

Not only will they help you choose your CCTV and install it, but they can offer back up to ensure your system continues to perform as it should into the future.

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