Dog Groomer in Chelmsford

The Mucky Pup

Laura runs The Mucky Pup and provides dog grooming services across a large part of Essex from her dedicated dog grooming studio in Great Baddow. Dogs genuinely love visiting the purpose built grooming room, and always enjoy a chance to play with Laura’s dogs in the garden afterwards.

Plumber and Heating Engineer in Chelmsford

Plumbing and Heating in Essex

EGR Services provide the full range of plumbing, heating and bathroom installation services in and around Chelmsford. Gas Safe and WRAS approved, EGR Services have extensive experience with site work, undertaking first fix in new builds, as well as renovation work and plumbing extensions. Heating, from boilers and rads to wet underfloor heating is catered for, and bathrooms, wet rooms and kitchens can be plumbed too.

  • Based in Great Baddow
  • 07564 370439 – ask for Rob

Plumber and Heating Engineer

EGR Services provide a wide range of plumbing and property drainage services and the company are fully experienced and qualified such as Gas Safe registered.

  • Plumbing: services include installations such as new showers, sinks, bathrooms and kitchens. General plumbing work includes all manner of repairs to water tanks, taps and guttering and installing new pipework along with leak detection and general repairs.
  • Heating: services include boiler installation and repairs and general heating system maintenance and replacements. Fully certified and Gas Safe registered.
  • Wet Rooms and Bathroom Design: Full installation of bathrooms and wet rooms, includes drainage for toilets, basins and showers, underfloor heating, and bathroom tiling in Chelmsford.

Trusted Essex Plumber and Heating Expert

EGR Services is committed to providing customers with a service they can rely on, and this starts with full and competitive pricing – a full quotation is provided so the customer knows the price from the outset.

EGR Services Plumbing and Heating in Essex

CCTV Fitters in Chelmsford

CCTV cameraCCTV is a very effective method of deterring burglars from trying to break into your property; none other than ex-burglars themselves often rate it as amongst the best in home security methods. Advances in technology is making CCTV more effective, affordable and versatile – and it can help not just in deterring burglars but in acting as an access control method.

Therefore, it’s somewhat surprising that so few home owners install CCTV; according to a survey undertaken by Co-op Insurance only 14% have done so.

Using CCTV

There are various ways of putting CCTV to use, and the type of set up you have will be influenced by the layout of your property and how flexible you wish your CCTV to be.

The first step is to use the services of a local CCTV Chelmsford professional; they can come and take a look at your property layout, suggest options for you and install the appropriate equipment.

An ideal deterrent

CCTV is a key burglar deterrent because it vastly reduces the chances of a burglar escaping without being detected, and some systems can be accessed remotely on a smartphone or tablet so meaning footage can be viewed many miles away.

Burglars are mostly aware of this new technology and would prefer to steer clear of a property suitably equipped, so just the sight of a security camera or a warning sticker stating that the property is CCTV protected could be enough to stop them in their tracks.

Of course, if someone does break in then your CCTV will be recording valuable evidence with the footage of them on your premises clearly showing a theft in progress.

Using CCTV together with other known effective deterrents such as intruder alarms and security lighting provides a very effective security set up.

Protecting vehicles

In the above mentioned Co-op survey, CCTV is also at number one in deterring vehicle thieves so your CCTV system can protect your property and vehicles.

Access and notification facility

Your CCTV system could also act as a form of access control; not in terms of a full blown facility of course but at least notifying you who is at the door.

For example, if you’re working indoors and someone rings the doorbell it’s possible – depending on your set up – to see who is at the door before halting what you’re doing and heading off to open up. If it’s a welcome visitor then no problem, but it can be annoying to have your work interrupted by a canvasser or similar – a camera near the from door can help minimise interruption.

Choose an experienced CCTV professional

Having a modern CCTV system installed that suits your property layout and personal requirements is a very worthwhile investment in home security, so ensure you use the services of an experienced professional serving the Chelmsford area.

Not only will they help you choose your CCTV and install it, but they can offer back up to ensure your system continues to perform as it should into the future.

Chelmsford Scrap Car Service

scrap yard in ChelmsfordExplaining how the Scrap Car Kings car scrapping service works and the advantages of using it compared to selling privately or to a used car dealer or trader.

Essex company offering a quick and easy way to dispose of unwanted cars

Many people aren’t aware that their old car – even if it’s in a bad way and no longer running – can be disposed of quickly and easily without the need to visit scrapyards, arrange transport of the car or worry about transfer of ownership. Even better, it’s possible to even make money on that old motor if using the services of a specialist Essex-based car scrapping service.

Professional car disposal experts Scrap Car Kings in Chelmsford make it easy to move an old car on; the entire transaction from initial online enquiry to collection of the car and payment can be completed in a matter of hours through their fast and easy to use service.

The new way of scrapping cars

The image of scrapping a car is having to arrange to take it to a local breakers yard and be fortunate if they offer more than a few pounds for it. The whole process could be time consuming and then there’s the thought of the old car lying in a yard for months on end before some or all of it is eventually thrown into landfill.

The End of Life Vehicle Directive (ELV) has changed this; the Europe-wide legislation says there should be no cost to the owner in disposing of their car at the end of its life.

Using companies such as Scrap Car Kings means you can be sure of not only selling your car easily but also finding out how much you’ll be offered without having to leave home as it’s all done online. Along with entering a basic description of your car you can upload a photo, and you’ll swiftly be shown via their website the sum you’re being offered.

If you decide to go ahead, they’ll visit you often on the same day, complete the necessary paperwork, immediately pay you by bank transfer and then take your old car away.

Environmental disposal

The company are connected to an ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility), they’re registered with the environmental agency and also comply with all applicable regulations so ensuring your old car is disposed of and recycled responsibly.

They’ll contact the DVLA and confirm your vehicle has been scrapped so everything is ‘above board’ as regards notifications, and vehicles can be collected throughout a wide area including all of Essex and major parts of Kent and the London area.

Most cars bought

Some cars would prove very difficult if not impossible to sell privately or to a dealer, but Scrap Car Kings will buy anything inclyuding left hand drive, non runners, vans, trucks, motorbikes and MOT failure vehicles amongst others.

The challenges of selling older cars

It’s getting more difficult to sell older cars what with concerns over emissions, potential and actual mechanical problems, and the lack of desired safety features that more modern machinery would incorporate such as airbags and anti lock brakes.

If a buyer is found, then the seller has likely spent some money in advertising or listing the car, and maybe dropping the price through haggling. It may be a similar story if trying to sell to a trader or garage.

Quick and easy

The Scrap Car Kings service makes disposing of older cars easy and offers sellers the reassurance their car will be recycled in an environmentally friendly fashion. Perhaps the key benefit of the service is clarity on price; what they offer on their website is the price paid with no haggling or vagaries.

Free Digital Marketing Consultations For Chelmsford Businesses

Free SEO consultationFree SEO Consultation To Improve Local Business Search Performance

Local businesses in and around the Chelmsford area can take advantage of a free SEO consultation provided by digital marketing agency – Freelance SEO Essex.

Business owners in Chelmsford can benefit from free advice regarding effective SEO solutions to promote their services.

Freelance SEO Essex has partnered with Marketing Donut to offer a free email or 30 minute phone consultation with an search engine optimisation expert from their Chelmsford-based online marketing agency. Businesses of any size are eligible for the free advice that is available through this promotion.

What To Expect From The Free SEO Consultation

Helping to improve a company’s business search performance is at the heart of the SEO consultation. An SEO expert will talk the client through the various aspects of a search marketing campaign. These include researching and arranging new organic link building strategies as well as creating and distributing content that promotes the business.

The client will also discuss the keywords that they wish to rank for in search as well as the possibilities for exposure through Google’s paid advertising platform. Freelance SEO Essex likes to apply a multi-channel approach to search campaigns but is also more than happy to assist with specialised standalone services such as PPC.

No Pressure To Commit

The consultation is designed to provide companies with all the information they require to form a long term strategy to meet their digital marketing goals. Businesses will be given an initial idea of the costs that are involved in a long term campaign, although a full proposal can also be supplied on request.

There is absolutely no obligation to commit, but those that are interested in getting started on boosting their online presence will discover that Freelance SEO Essex offers some of the lowest SEO fees in the region coupled with flexible rolling monthly agreements.

Freelance SEO Essex assists many local businesses in and around the Chelmsford area and from further afield in achieving their SEO goals. Those that are interested in taking advantage of this promotion should check out the Marketing Donut Vouchers Section or contact Freelance SEO Essex directly, quoting the ‘Donut Offer’.

Archers Law Solicitors

Archers Law

Choosing a solicitor can be a daunting process; thankfully you can trust the experts at Archers Law to deliver a truly personal and professional service.

Situated in New London Road and with Consulting Rooms in Brentwood, Archers Law has been providing legal advice to residents of Chelmsford and the surrounding areas for over twelve years. Started up by Maria Calvy, a local solicitor with more than twenty-seven years of industry experience, the firm has built a solid reputation of providing quality and trusted service. You can rest assured knowing your case is being handled by a dedicated and reliable team.

Legal Expertise

Archers Law specialise in four main areas, listed below. The client experience is at the heart of all delivery, to ensure a smooth and effectual service is always delivered.

Employment Law

This is an ever-evolving sector and employers and employees need to be mindful of their responsibilities and entitlements. Archers Law can provide advice on a range of employment areas, including HR support, bullying in the workplace, unfair dismissal, pay enquiries, discrimination and redundancy.

Archers Law work with organisations and individuals to achieve a satisfactory settlement in all cases, minimising the chances of cases going to court.

Wills, Probate and Family

The area of wills, probate and family is often a complicated and emotional one. Archers Law work sensitively to provide workable solutions for everyone involved.

In the event of the death of a relative or close friend, managing the paperwork between remaining family members is often confusing and stressful. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Archers Law make the process of creating a will simple and straightforward, ensuring your legacy is left to who you want it to be. This minimises the pressure on your loved ones of having to deal with paperwork at a sensitive time.


If business or personal business deals have caused dispute, Archers Law work hard with you to avoid court action. However, in the event of court action being the next step, your designated lawyer will be able to advise and assist you during every step of the process. Archers Law have the skills and expertise to help you reach the desired outcome.

The litigation team also deal with debt recovery in an efficient and professional manner. If you are owed money, please do not hesitate; get in touch with Archers Law today.

Business Law

It’s vital that you have the right support when it comes to managing the legal side of your business. Archers Law have worked with a wide range of clients, from sole traders and start-ups, to partnerships and limited companies. The business law department work closely with you to ascertain your business objectives and advise on legal areas, including resourcing, commercial property and client contracts.

Most of Archers Law’s work is built on repeat business and word of mouth. Previous clients have described the team as ‘straightforward’, ‘honest’ and ‘supportive’. With a ride range of capabilities and the dedication and expertise you can expect from an established company, Archers Law should be your first port of call for any situation or event which requires specialised legal advice.

Spiderweb IT Support Services in Chelmsford

Spiderweb Systems at workSpiderweb Systems are an Essex-based business that service many Chelmsford businesses. Today we take a look at their services and why they are so popular in the area.

Faster response time

By hiring a reputable local IT company, your IT issues will be resolved much faster, which means any disruption to your business activity will be kept to a minimum. Whether you need to install new software, solve a corrupt file issue, or install programmes, using local IT specialists will help ensure that everything gets back to normal as quickly as possible.

Get repeat business from the same local supplier

With a local company, it’s much easier to get repeat business, and the more IT specialists interact with their customers, the better their Customer Relationship Management (CRM). For example, the company can refer to problems that it resolved for you in the past, so it can provide a more efficient response.

Learn valuable new skills

IT support is not just about fixing computer problems, it’s also about learning how to manage your IT systems to ensure everything runs smoothly in the future. Train your team how to use new apps and software so they can develop intangible skills, and discover new ways to improve your productivity and maximise your long-term commercial growth.

Remember – IT companies don’t just exist to fix your computer problems

IT companies can also introduce you to new technology that will help you complete all your business functions more smoothly. Whether you’re looking for a new website design, a cloud server, or e-mail hosting, a local firm can give you all the help and support you need. The more productive you become at one task, the more time you’ll have to start learning and excelling at a new one.

Cost Savings

Because local IT specialists do not have to travel as far to attend to an issue, they can often charge cheaper rates than companies based much further away. Long-standing customers may also benefit from a small discounts, depending on the service.

An IT Specialist Can Visit You

This leads to another important point, which is that a company with a client base that is spread across a small area will spend much less time travelling and more time with customers. Often, it is possible to provide support remotely, but in some situations it is more practical and efficient for IT specialists to resolve a problem at the client’s premises, where they can give feedback and advice face to face.

Final Tip – Let The Pros Do All The Hard Work

Although most employees have a good working knowledge of common apps like Word and Excel, and general day-to-day IT administration, few will have the expertise of a qualified IT professional.

Whether you’re suffering from software issues, or looking to install new programmes, let a professional local IT specialist taking on all the gruelling work for you so you can still remain focused on your other business tasks. The role of any reputable IT company in Chelmsford is simple: to get your business systems back to normal quickly, and to help you take advantage of the latest products so your business remains competitive.

Templant Move To The City

CM1 3PT a Why 2016 Will Be Their Best Year Ever

Following a hugely successful 25 years in Waltham Abbey, Templant are set to make their mark on Chelmsford.

As the year draws to a close, many of us look towards to the future. That’s exactly what the Templant Group are doing – and they have a lot to be excited about. With a hugely successful 25 years in the temporary power industry behind them, they’re going to be settling in to their new home in the city of Chelmsford in 2016 and building new business partnerships.

Previous Customers

Templant were originally based in Waltham Abbey, and during their time there firmly established their place in the industry. They have provided power for big events such as Hertfordshire University’s annual Slam Dunk Music festival and the Uni summer ball.

As a result of being a preferred supplier of temporary power to Newham Council, they also powered the borough’s ever-popular Guy Fawkes Night the last four years. It’s experience like this that proves that Templant can deliver when it comes to large-scale events and working with the authorities at universities and local councils. They are also currently powering the outdoor ice skating rink in Colchester.


Templant are familiar with Chelmsford already, having supplied power to one of the area’s most famous events. The Chelmsford Summer Beer Festival attracts visitors from Essex and beyond, serving up a huge variety of beers, ales and ciders, it’s acquired a somewhat legendary status since its inception in 1977. Templant’s event power and lighting ensure that the festival runs smoothly – having attended the last two summer beer festivals, we can give testimony to their good work!

New opportunities

Following Templant’s move to Chelmsford they are very much focused on building a great relationship with a variety of clients in the area. They are now located in close proximity to Hylands Park, which hosts some of the biggest events in the country – the most famous of those being the southern leg of V Festival.

It’s not just events similar to this that Templant are looking to work with though. Coming back to that theme of a strong local community; it’s important to the company that they work with smaller, independent clients in the area too. This part of Essex is extraordinarily diverse, with a large number of great events being held all year.

A local team

The majority of Templant’s staff are local to the area, meaning that transport costs can be kept to a minimum. This also means that they’ll be around to help clients whenever they need them, and will be able to reach them quickly. Living and working in the area means that they’ve got a good amount of local knowledge too. This coupled with a real passion and enthusiasm for what’s going on in the area show that they’re a company with a big heart as well as serious business credentials.

Here’s to 2016!

Moving home is never easy, but Templant are confident that there’s never been a better time than right now for them to do it. Chelmsford, as one of the country’s newest cities, is one of the most vibrant and exciting places to work and live in Essex. Templant’s move is sure to be a success; both for them and the new clients that they will bring on board.

Templant Address and Contact:

Templant Group
Highwood Road
The Causeway

Stephen Alexander Hairdressing

Stephen Alexander

Stephen Alexander caters for women, men and children. They also specialise in Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin treatments.

Stephen Alexander trains its hairdressers in the Vidal Sassoon way and is a fun and friendly hairdressers in the town centre.

Stephen Alexander Hairdressing was founded in 1995 and moved to Moulsham Street in 2009.

Opening times

  • Monday CLOSED
  • Tuesday 9:00am-5:30pm
  • Wednesday 9:00am-7:00pm
  • Thursday 9:00am-8:00pm
  • Friday 9:00am-5:30pm
  • Saturday 8:30am-5:30pm
  • Sunday CLOSED

Next door to Cash Converters.

Cash Converters

Cash ConvertersCash Converters on Moulsham Street is one of the town’s several “pawn” shops. Cash Converters provide several services, including pawnbroking, cash for gold, cash advance and personal loans.

  • 205 Moulsham Street, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 0LG
  • 01245 266717

Cash Converters buy all sorts of items and pay cash on the spot following a valuation. It’s a great way to get some cash quickly for items that you may no longer use. Faster and less work than ebay!