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Chelmsford Scrap Car Service

scrap yard in ChelmsfordExplaining how the Scrap Car Kings car scrapping service works and the advantages of using it compared to selling privately or to a used car dealer or trader.

Essex company offering a quick and easy way to dispose of unwanted cars

Many people aren’t aware that their old car – even if it’s in a bad way and no longer running – can be disposed of quickly and easily without the need to visit scrapyards, arrange transport of the car or worry about transfer of ownership. Even better, it’s possible to even make money on that old motor if using the services of a specialist Essex-based car scrapping service.

Professional car disposal experts Scrap Car Kings in Chelmsford make it easy to move an old car on; the entire transaction from initial online enquiry to collection of the car and payment can be completed in a matter of hours through their fast and easy to use service.

The new way of scrapping cars

The image of scrapping a car is having to arrange to take it to a local breakers yard and be fortunate if they offer more than a few pounds for it. The whole process could be time consuming and then there’s the thought of the old car lying in a yard for months on end before some or all of it is eventually thrown into landfill.

The End of Life Vehicle Directive (ELV) has changed this; the Europe-wide legislation says there should be no cost to the owner in disposing of their car at the end of its life.

Using companies such as Scrap Car Kings means you can be sure of not only selling your car easily but also finding out how much you’ll be offered without having to leave home as it’s all done online. Along with entering a basic description of your car you can upload a photo, and you’ll swiftly be shown via their website the sum you’re being offered.

If you decide to go ahead, they’ll visit you often on the same day, complete the necessary paperwork, immediately pay you by bank transfer and then take your old car away.

Environmental disposal

The company are connected to an ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility), they’re registered with the environmental agency and also comply with all applicable regulations so ensuring your old car is disposed of and recycled responsibly.

They’ll contact the DVLA and confirm your vehicle has been scrapped so everything is ‘above board’ as regards notifications, and vehicles can be collected throughout a wide area including all of Essex and major parts of Kent and the London area.

Most cars bought

Some cars would prove very difficult if not impossible to sell privately or to a dealer, but Scrap Car Kings will buy anything inclyuding left hand drive, non runners, vans, trucks, motorbikes and MOT failure vehicles amongst others.

The challenges of selling older cars

It’s getting more difficult to sell older cars what with concerns over emissions, potential and actual mechanical problems, and the lack of desired safety features that more modern machinery would incorporate such as airbags and anti lock brakes.

If a buyer is found, then the seller has likely spent some money in advertising or listing the car, and maybe dropping the price through haggling. It may be a similar story if trying to sell to a trader or garage.

Quick and easy

The Scrap Car Kings service makes disposing of older cars easy and offers sellers the reassurance their car will be recycled in an environmentally friendly fashion. Perhaps the key benefit of the service is clarity on price; what they offer on their website is the price paid with no haggling or vagaries.

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